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Andre Kelly (22)  Shoots the BallAndre Kelly (22) Drives BasketAndre Kelly (22) Matt Bradley (20) Offensive ReboundAndre Kelly (22) Ryan Betley (00) Offensive ReboundAndre Kelly (22) Warmup Shoots The BallAndre Kelly (22) Warmup Shoots The BallBlake Welle (42) Warmup LayupBlake Welle (42) Warmup LayupDimitrios Klonaras (34) Warmup LayupDimitrios Klonaras (34) Warmup LayupDJ Thorpe (33) Warmup DunkDJ Thorpe (33) Warmup DunkFan Cutouts Section 1Fan Cutouts Section 3Golden Bears Floor Sign Under BasketGrant Anticevich (15) Dribbles Past DefenderGrant Anticevich (15) Drive BasketGrant Anticevich (15) Drive BasketGrant Anticevich (15) Drives BasketGrant Anticevich (15) Opening Tipoff